Integrate then Automate

Are your process automated? Do you have lots of manual processes? Do you want to digitally transform your business? There are businesses all around the world that have manual processes even those that have begun the digital transformation journey still have manual processes. There’s no issue with having manual processes, the issue is with where […]

Go on, Emoji yourself! What will you do with AR?

Augmented Reality (AR) really has come a long way in a very short amount of time. On the smartphones in our pockets lies some incredible technology, whether or not you’re using an iOS or Android you have access to this. On iPhone’s, it’s called Animojii and on Samsung phones its called AR Emoji. You have […]

We’ve got an old Proprietary system, What do we do with it?

Who has an old Proprietary System or multiple systems? Are there bugs that you just know are there and everyone has developed a workaround to help them achieve what they need to? You really need to assess these systems and determine how much time is wasted working around them, or copying data between them to […]

Self Parking Automated Valet

Self Parking Automated Valet

I love seeing how this technology has evolved so fast. Can you imagine leaving your car in the carpark and having it find its own way to a spot saving you from that massive headache of driving in circles looking for something? This would change the feeling and dread I have when thinking about those […]