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A real-world use for AI in any business today is chat-bots. You may be thinking what do I need a chatbot for? Have you thought how a chatbot can help your business? 

They can Improve Customer Service

A simple version of a chatbot could be an “Onboarding” bot which would ask the required questions to identify a customer and their issue and then provide that to the employee, this saves the employee from boring, repetitive questions. 

They can also be used as first-line customer support and take over simple queries and being able to easily answer simple questions. By utilising chatbots in this way you provide your support team with more to spend on the more complex issues rather than the simple issues that are easily solved.  

Brand Awareness

Chatbots can provide your customers and audience with an easy way to find out what your business has been up to, or what new products and services you have available. Let them know about any champagne moments or wins that would be of interest. 

Encourage people to visit your product page

Chatbots also provide prompts and guide users to product pages. You can set up your bot to initially show summary information, images or top-level details for any products through a conversational approach.  Throughout all of this process, you can then prompt users to view more information on the product page driving traffic to your website to continue the sales funnel. 

Follow up messages

The chatbots also provide a way to keep engage with your audience after an initial discussion. Just like you can automate follow-up emails after a certain time you can also trigger follow up messages to keep your audience engaged and in your pipeline.  They also provide the ability to broadcast a message to multiple people at once which can be a great way to push out news or updates. 

Include augmented reality

Victoria Beckham has fully embraced the chatbot and has even included Augmented Reality (AR) in her bot.  From within the bot, you can try on any of her sunglasses range and see how they look. Without leaving messenger and being taken to a product page her users are trying on the product and already making a decision to buy or not. 

Chatbots can be set up in various apps and on your own website but incorporating a Facebook Messenger chatbot instantly open you up to the 1.3 billion people on the Facebook platform.  Having a 24/7 available chatbot can greatly benefit your business and it’s super easy to set up, no programming required. There are many services online that provide chatbot creation. We built ours using ChatFuel, who support 43% of all chatbots on messenger. 

ChatFuel provides a very easy interface to create your bot and path that customers will take. Checkout our bot at the bottom of our website or visit our Facebook Page

We’ve made our own chatbot to allow our customers to:

  • Call us directly
  • Find our address details
  • Find out more information about our services
  • Find some information about Chatbots

The process of creating our own chatbot was incredibly simple and didn’t even require any programming knowledge. It’s easy to get going, and once you’ve started you may find new and surprising directions in which to take your chatbot, improving many aspects of your day-to-day business. 

I can only imagine how much more powerful they will be in the future when we can integrate some more complex AI into our chatbots and be able to have it answer queries without setting up a dedicated path. I’ll cover this in a future article.
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