TechnologyHow to avoid phishing attacks

Phishing attaches are the most common ways that hackers obtain access to systems. Data breaches can cause businesses huge damage in terms of cost and reputation. Phishing attacks are constantly happening, I get multiple emails a day. These are happening everywhere and are the easiest way to get peoples information, it’s a numbers game for the hacker.

It’s called a phishing attack because the hackers are “fishing” (sending out millions of emails) and waiting for the right user to “bite” (click on a link in an email) and they have their catch. Normally these attacks take people to a fraudulent website and prompt them to enter their username/password and once they do that the hackers have access to that users account on the real website.

Everyone needs to be educated on what to look for within emails to avoid phishing scams. Checkout what else I have to say regarding the most common cyber attacks in this article from Teclo Compare for some advice on what can be done to avoid them.
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