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inFORm from MIT Media Lab is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content in the real world. What this means is that it’s a system that can move real-world blocks up and down and physically represent something from a virtual world. In doing this It can also move a physical object around a surface using input from a virtual world.

The video is a must-watch to understand the above.

can see this technology having other implications rather than just showing virtual hands. The ability to move items around on a solid surface has huge implications when you factor in AI and machine learning and having a new type of conveyor belt or platform that needs to handle objects without human interaction.

This technology can have huge implication for people with disabilities or issues grabbing or moving items and would allow them to gain some independence.

This is a cool demo shows how Reality and Virtual can be merged. The future applications of this will be amazing

Read more about the project here:
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