InnovationTechnologyWhy have I been making videos?

If you watched my last video then you would know I’m passionate about two things, Technology and Whisky. However, Technology was the first passion ( I can’t imagine whisky is anyone’s as a kid…).  I was the kid in the family who could set up the VCR when no one knew how and that grew into computers as they were being rolled in my schools which then led me to my Software development, engineering consulting career. 

I spend a lot of time on my phone and no it’s not Instagram that takes up my time. I am always learning or researching and trying to find out something new or how things work. I love to learn anything about technology and how it works, how it can be implemented and what it can lead too. So with knowing how long it takes to try and stay up to speed with technology, I decided to try and share what I’ve been finding and learning with everyone in my LinkedIn community to help save you some time and inspire you with what’s possible. 

Hopefully, the videos I’ve made so far have provided you with some greater insights into what’s happening in tech at the moment and potentially inspired some ideas of what you could do or implemented. 

If you have any specific tech or areas that you would like to learn about or want to see what’s possible send a DM or leave a comment below and I’ll start researching and I’ll do a shout out in the video when it’s ready. Anything I can find and post about not only benefits me in learning new knowledge but the whole LinkedIn community that I’m a part of through my network.
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