Make Your Start-ups & Businesses More Creative
in 3 Steps

Unlock all parts of your brains with this step-by-step series so you can build better technology, increase revenue and create high-performance teams.

About The SeriesWhy businesses and start-ups can't afford not to be creative?

Google gives 571,000,000 results when you type “creativity in business”. If you're not searching to be creative then surely your competitors are.

Is this series for YOU?

60% of CEOs' polls cited that creativity is the most important leadership quality.

People spend 50% of their time looking for right content online.

Creativity is #1 factor for future success.

If any of above feels relatable then this series is for you.

What's inside this series?

This trilogy is not about being creative in your brand or graphic designs. You’ll be introduced to a new way of thinking that will inspire, challenge you to find novel solutions and craft opportunities out of problems in your business.

The goal is to help you develop a creative mindset that will assist you in developing products, creating high performance teams, building useful tech, reaching to $1B ARR target and many other arenas.
About The GuestAndrew Grant
Andrew Grant is an innovation for transformation specialist. He is the founder and director of Tirian and author of, "The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game" along with the international bestseller "Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get it Back?"

He is a highly experienced, humorous, and engaging presenter, who facilitates leaders & teams to enhance collaboration and innovation, using creative solutions.

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge & experience working internationally, and is both globally minded and culturally fluent, resulting in sessions that are always relevant and sensitive to both the local mindset and diverse audiences. He has co-authored over 30 corporate educational resources, simulations and programs in total, which is used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Companies such as Visa use Tirian programs as an induction program for every new manager worldwide.–-1.png

Part 1: Who Killed Creativity?

Need for creativity in the workplace.
The memorable concept of who killed creativity, with what weapon and how to get it back.
Difference between creativity in artistic sense and business sense.
The 7 suspects that block creativity.
The growing importance of creativity in the workplace as AI becomes more prevalent.

Part 2: Tools to Foster Creativity.

Set up perfect environment that encourages creative thinking.
How to use the CSI board-game and digital-game to understand creativity blockers.
How to ask the right questions and find ambiguity within the questions.
How to ideate, brainstorm and map out creative ideas.
How to connect seemingly distant things and find solution to a wicked problem.

Part 3: Why Don't Kids Run Companies?

If children are so creative, why are they not the CEOs of companies?
The ability to think both creatively and critically.
Connecting two seeming unrelated things to create something that is spectacularly creative.
Prototyping and implementation.
Playing the devils' advocate.

What to expect after you finish...

Your mind will starts to boggle east to west with creative solutions.
An instant need for coffee.
Your start-up moves towards the journey of becoming more fun and creative.–-12-4-768x664.png


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