Hey Start-up Founder!Is your tech project giving you sleepless nights?

Get a second opinion from professionals with our tech review service.

Are you worried that your...

Developer isn't communicating with you.

Project is not going to be what you imagined.

App is not user friendly.

Running over budget and not meeting deadlines.

The world deserves to see your project come to life

63% of apps go to the app graveyard.
Over $438,000,000 is wasted in useless tech every year.
Don't let yours become one of them.
Get a second opinion today.

At Aerion we help non-techs build better tech

Get a second opinion on your tech project, so you can have complete confidence that your project is on track.

Why apps fail and how can we help you avoid it

Many apps fail because:
There is a lack of clarity on the project scope.
There wasn't enough focus on building MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
The app wasn't user friendly.
The app didn't have a proper product-market fit.
Went over budget.
Neglected the importance of design.
Missed deadlines.
The project was mismanaged.

What you get from Tech Review

Our Tech Review is a health check for your project.
Get a detailed report on the current state of your project.
We review your software architecture.
Then look at your software composition analysis.
Check your software quality.
Review the source code.
Went over budget.
Analyse your software security for potential threats.
Determine if your software is scalable.
We also perform a team analysis to make sure you have the right people in place.
Then deliver action steps to get your project back on track and deliver it all in one easy to read report.

What is a tech review?

Get a second opinion today.

How we're different...

Not just a team of programmers. We have experienced designers and project managers who can help get your project back on track.
Aerion works with you to determine where your project is at and helps you to innovate, so you can stay ahead of the curve.
Helps you define your target user, ensuring your app will be in hot demand.
We don't speak in code, avoiding jargon and making sure you understand every step of the process.
Our team is your team - We've got your best interest in our hearts.
We use a collaborative approach to keep you in the driver's seat.

With Aerion you get a team of experts that help you deliver scalable tech and top quality code

"The projects we work on are complex. Working with Aerion means that we can evolve the way that we are working, we can change direction quickly and we can deliver our projects faster."
Chief Digital Officer at Aurecon
"It’s one thing to say what could be done but it is another to actually deliver. The experience of working with Aerion has been fantastic. From my team to yours, thanks a great deal."
Director Devices at Essilor
"Aerion provided us with a simple and easy to use retail marketing solution that allows us to manage and operate in-store promotions over 900 pharmacies around Australia."
National Manager at Symbion

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