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Provide application maintenance services from skilled professionals who can stabilize your application and optimize provided services.
Provide Adaptive, Perfective, Corrective, and Preventive Software Maintenance.
Provide ongoing app enhancements and technical improvements
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Software Maintenance

If you think that the software development life cycle begins with coding and ends with delivery, you are headed toward difficult times. The software you developed is a part of a dynamic world— technology upgrades and innovation happen at a rapid pace. If you fail to keep up with the changes, competitors will win the race.

Software Maintenance helps you adapt to the changes and you can then leverage the updates to allow for greater flexibility, scalability, and quicker ROI, so that overall business productivity is enhanced.

At Aerion Technologies we provide highly effective software maintenance services that not only revitalize outdated software but also keep on par with the changes in technology.

Types of Software Maintenance

Depending on the type of business you own, you’d have to choose a maintenance strategy that better suits your business requirements. You can choose from the following to resolve issues and facilitate sustainable growth.

Adaptive Software

This entails fine-tuning your application so that it can perform optimally. Adaptive maintenance needs to ensure that the changes made do not disrupt the stability and utility of the application.

Corrective Software

For corrective maintenance, experts detect and fix bugs. Doing so gets rid of the glitches that affect the user experience and enhances performance.

Perfective Software

This includes the addition of new features that the users want. It also entails upgrading the functionalities to help enhance the user experience. Through perfective maintenance, an app’s operational life can be ramped up and its performance levels boosted.

Preventive Software

Preventive maintenance includes modifications and updates that help prevent future problems with the software. This type of maintenance helps weed out problems that may not be critical at the moment but may cause serious issues in the future.

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Why is Software Maintenance needed?

Software maintenance is an ongoing activity. It includes optimization of the software performance with advanced development, minimization of errors, and elimination of unnecessary development elements.

Software maintenance is needed to:

  • To improve performance
  • To fix bugs and remove glitches
  • To add enhancements and insertions
  • To allow for modification and reconfiguration
  • To future-proof your business
  • To save costs in the long run

We can help you streamline your software maintenance

At Aerion Technologies we provide highly effective software maintenance services that not only revitalize outdated software but also keep on par with the changes in technology.

To facilitate the process, we do the following:

  • Collect requirements to gain clarity on maintenance objectives
  • Work with you to develop a maintenance strategy
  • Implement competent testing procedures
  • Keep detailed records for reference in future maintenance


You’d need an experienced tech partner to help you with maintenance management. Aerion Technologies can help you by providing you with a cost effective, flexible and customizable maintenance plan.

Software Maintenance FAQs

1. How much does software maintenance cost?

Usually, software maintenance costs per annum come to around 15-20% of the initial development cost.

There is, however, no way to determine a fixed maintenance cost. Here are some of the factors that need to be considered when estimating the cost of software maintenance:

  • The type of software maintenance (corrective, adaptive, perfective, preventive).
  • The type of software you have, its complexity, integrations, and customizations.
  • The list of requirements.
  • The maintenance team’s composition, competencies, and workload,
  • Type of maintenance plan (annual, monthly, periodic)
  • The number of software users
  • The availability of comprehensive software documentation required for maintenance.
2. How to reduce costs during software maintenance?

Based on our experience, here are some best practices that have helped us minimize the cost for our clients:

  • We help identify the underutilized resources that can be downsized to make appropriate modifications
  • We help you identify unused resources so that you are not charged for resources that your software doesn’t need for functioning.
  • We perform updates to the latest technology that helps save costs in the long run.
3. What does the software maintenance process entail?

Maintenance involves either modifying the existing structure or adding new components to the system.

The software maintenance project entails the following:

  • Change Request
  • Change Management
  • Impact Analysis
  • System Release Planning
  • Change Implementation
  • System Release

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