Dynamic Configuration of ImageProcessor .Net with Azure App Service Slot Settings

At Aerion we use the awesome ImageProcessor library (A .NET library for on-the-fly processing of images) when we need to have image caching and the ability to request images at different sizes based on designs. As with most things when moving the code to an Azure App Service we try to utilise the Slot Settings so that […]

Using a Shim to mockup static and extension methods

For our C# unit testing, we generally use a mocking framework called Moq which makes it easy to create mock classes for injecting behaviour and verifying calls. But this only works for public instance methods and won’t work for anything static. Extension methods must be static methods within static classes, so what happens when you want […]

Azure Application settings and Angular

Using Azure’s Application Settings allows you to manage different configurations for each development slot but there is no default way to utilise this feature from an Angular app.  By Utilising Slot Specific settings we are able to provide different API URL’s for our test and staging slot, among other app-specific settings. Normally these would be maintained […]

Hangfire dashboard access with JWT token authentication

Hangfire dashboard access with JWT token authentication

While attempting to access the Hangfire dashboard of a ASP.NET Web API project recently, we realised we had been denied access. Earlier this year we changed our development stack and began using Angular and ASP.NET Web API. Before this change, we were using ASP.NET MVC systems utilizing Razor views. We also use Hangfire for background processing, […]