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Developer communication is key to a successful project, but you shouldn’t have to spend every day talking to them or micromanaging them as the client.

Developer communication is key to a successful project. We’ve heard numerous times in the past and several times this month from people that have gone out on their own and found their teams. Now the common thing they all express is, it’s difficult to work with them and hard to understand what they’re telling us. These people are not software project managers and have no development experience, they can’t be certain what the developers are telling them is actually true, there is too much unknown for them.

If you’ve found your own team overseas and managing your own software project, are you having to constantly chase them up, have daily meetings to try get updates and understand where everything is at? If you are, this approach is wrong. Your team should be able to clearly articulate everything they’re doing, what they’re up to, what problems they’re having and be able to explain it to you simply enough for you to understand.
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