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Who needs a quote for a software project, or platform? If you’ve just met with a developer, consultant or engineer and briefly explained your project, then you don’t!

If you’ve gone through a consulting process and planned, discussed and worked through things you didn’t even think of, then you might be ready to ask for a quote from them.

In any other scenario when sitting in a meeting or over a phone call and you quickly explain what it’s going to do and ask for a quote, there is no reasonable way to provide anything accurate, it’s like pulling numbers from thin air. Developing software is not like other products, where every provider you speak to sells the same thing, installs it the same way and delivers it correctly. There are so many unknowns, different ways of doing this and different ways that software can come together. DevReady is a process that guides you to plan and explore your idea and what it should look like, and helps you pick the MVP to deliver the most impact. Prototypes are developed for the riskiest and unknown aspects to prove what can be delivered and minimise risk.

Don’t just ask for a quote, it won’t work out!
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