DevelopmentTipsWe’ve got an old Proprietary system, What do we do with it?

Who has an old Proprietary System or multiple systems? Are there bugs that you just know are there and everyone has developed a workaround to help them achieve what they need to?

You really need to assess these systems and determine how much time is wasted working around them, or copying data between them to determine what path you should take, integration or re-write. Sometimes you just have to re-write because it’s too old, has too many bugs, or you don’t have access to the source code. In other cases you can attempt to integrate the multiple systems into one new Front-End system, this could be possible by building integrations and middleware that can communicate with databases or API’s.

If you do have these old systems that run your business do you know how much they’re costing you? Have you audited them and determined how many bugs there are? How much time is wasted using them or making them all work together?

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