BlogDo you really need an app?

Imagine this, you’ve got a great idea for the next big app. It’s going to be huge! But you build and take over the world with a website and not an App.

Now you might be thinking why would I build a website when an App is where it’s at. Do you know why you would build one over the other?

If you’re currently thinking about an idea do you know what you need to build? Is it a website or a mobile app?

You don’t necessarily need a mobile app, website technology is more than basic CMS’s like WordPress or Shopify. Using progressive web apps, which allow you to do processing in the background, access storage, cache data locally for offline and you also have access to most of the hardware of a given device.

What you now have is very similar functionality to an app.

Depending on your needs, requirements and budgets you might develop your MVP or your prototype as a progressive web app and then your version 2 can be a mobile app if you need to move to a mobile app at all.

Unless you need direct hardware interfacings such as depth of field camera, native 3D performance or something very specific to a phone like a fingerprint sensor or bio-metrics that can unlock you with your face.

This is a very broad categorisation of why you need a mobile website over an app but it should provide you enough to understanding to change the question your ask your dev team.

You shouldn’t ask What will it cost to make an iOS or Android app Instead, get clear on your requirements and needs and investigate what is the right solution to deliver your idea.

Don’t make a mobile app for the sake of making a mobile app. If you don’t investigate your options properly you might waste a lot of time, money and effort focusing on the wrong tech stack to deliver your product.
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