BlogDoes your software team always say YES?

What would you like to hear more?

Yes or no?

Well honestly, we all probably want to hear Yes more than we hear No. But no one wants to work with a software team or people that just say yes to them. That is the wrong kind of person you need when you are working in the development space.

You cannot have your team say yes to every single question and query without raising up any issues, questions, counter-arguments, alternate suggestions, or anything else.

It just doesn’t work like that. All it does is make you think that everything you’re saying is correct and your team just goes Yep Yep Yep!

This appears to be the wrong thing and comes back to you. It’s just a vicious cycle that keeps growing and growing.

What you need to have is a team that does not just say YES to everything. They should be allowed to say No to you.

I understand this being a development consultant, but when I work with other people outside or to get things done at home, you don’t want to hear NO from anyone that comes to give you a quote or to do a service or work for you. But they can say NO, provide an alternative or give you a better solution and then I’m happy with that. Because then that No, turns into a better option.

That’s the situation you have to take with your software team. You have to be able to throw out suggestions, as many as you can think of really, and then get the team to pick the ones which are going to be good, going to be bad, offer alternatives or provide you a different path, combine something together and make it something new.

You can’t just have them say yes to everything you say because you’re going to them for the expertise to develop a tech product. You have the ideas and domain knowledge, they have the technical skill. They can’t say Yes to everything and have you dictate to them how it’s going to work.

It just doesn’t work that way.

They’re meant to be helping you in guiding you through the process. If you’ve got a team that’s just saying yes to you all the time, take a moment and reflect on how many times those yes’ have led to the wrong decisions.

Do you really want to be working with a team like that? You can easily find other teams that will help you along the path and guide you to develop the tech product that you deserve.

Does your team always say Yes!
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