BlogElectrical nose stimulation and being able to smell objects in VR

Imagine in the future watching an episode of MasterChef and being able to smell the ingredients the contestants are cooking with. Imagine sitting at the virtual judging table next to Gary, George and Matt and seeing the food up close and being able to smell it and taking it all in.

Some very interesting tech has been shown off in Malaysia that allows you to smell any type of smell without chemicals. It’s a bit invasive for the moment with the technique involves placing rods with electrodes within your nose which directly stimulate your smell receptor nerves.

This technology would effectively allow smells to be digitally transmitted to users. It’s still a long way away from a consumer-grade product or mass adoption but every bit of technology has to start somewhere. If this gets smaller and less invasive or if the tech can be applied to stimulate the brain while wearing the VR goggles it might get one step closer to adoption.

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