InnovationWhy can some organisations embrace innovation

Who loves their Laser Printer? I’m guessing not many people but we have Xerox to thank for them.

Why was Xerox Parc able to invent the Modern Personal Computer and Laser Printer but only able to take advantage of one of the innovations?

Xerox Parc had a phenomenal R&D department and was able to single-handedly create the Graphical Modern Interface and effectively create the modern PC. They were also able to invent the Laser Printer.

Now, why was it that they could capitalise on the Laser Printer but didn’t know what to do with their “Xerox Alto” PC?

Xerox was an organisation set up to sell printers and photocopiers.

They were unable to shift their business structures to begin selling PCs.

This is why 2 small startups, with a small organisational structure, were able to adapt and change and begin selling PCs.

These two little startups were Apple and Microsoft.

The rest, as they say, is history…
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