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Businesses constantly search for new methods to improve operational efficiency in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Aerion Technologies is at the forefront of such innovation. 

Our internal application of the AiReady service has drastically transformed our podcast and video production workflow, leading to an incredible 99% increase in efficiency in our editing step. Incorporating AutoPod into our editing process reduced our editing time from 2 hours to just one minute per podcast episode. 

This case study explores the process and impact of integrating AI into our operation, offering a roadmap for other small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to follow suit.

Our Challenge: The Pain Points of Podcast Production
challenges with podcast production

Podcasts have emerged as a powerful tool for audience engagement and knowledge dissemination. However, producing high-quality podcasts and their video counterparts takes time, particularly the editing phase. The process of polishing audio, resolving issues, and spotlighting specific video segments used to take up to 3-4 hours per episode, with half the time spent on audio and the other half on the video portion. This laborious task was the most time-consuming part of the entire podcast workflow. Given its repetitive nature, we recognized this as a step that could be automated—a clear indicator of a process primed for AI enhancement.

Our Solution: Harnessing AiReady
AiReady for podcast productio

AiReady, our in-house service, provided the solution. It’s crafted to analyze business processes, pinpoint inefficiencies, and suggest AI tools to improve productivity. 

AiReady’s strength lies in its capacity to comprehend a business’s unique challenges, guaranteeing that its solutions are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Choosing the Right AI Tool: AutoPod
choose the right tool for podcast production

Upon an in-depth evaluation of our podcast production process, AiReady selected AutoPod—an AI tool tailored for automated podcast editing. AutoPod leverages advanced AI algorithms to simplify and refine video editing, significantly reducing the manually required time and effort. Its ability to automate the cutting and editing of audio and video while simultaneously highlighting specific segments made it the ideal tool to confront our challenges.

Experiencing the Transformation

Integrating AutoPod into our workflow ushered in a notable 50% increase in our podcast production efficiency, but most importantly, it revolutionized our editing process. Previously, it took 2 hours of meticulous work per podcast episode to manually adjust and cut multiple video streams, removing jerkiness and focusing on the speaker. With AutoPod, we have brought this down to a mere one minute of waiting time, representing a transformative improvement and freeing up resources for other essential business areas.

The Potential of AiReady for Your Business

Our experience with AiReady demonstrates the transformative potential of AI in enhancing business efficiency. For SMEs striving to optimize their operations and achieve comparable efficiency gains, AiReady offers an impressive solution. AiReady enables businesses to unlock their full potential in today’s digitally progressive world by identifying areas where AI tools can deliver significant improvements.

As we at Aerion Technologies used AiReady to transform our podcast production process radically, your business can also experience substantial efficiency enhancements. 

Schedule a time to converse with our AI experts and commence your journey towards a more streamlined, AI-powered future today.

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