BlogScope Creep: Lack of Clarity

One of the factors that can affect scope creep during any sort of software project is lack of clarity.

Now that can be from the client or the developer. But you need to work together to get that clarity on what you’re building, what the requirements are, what the features are, what the idea is and what the actual problem that the software is solving is.

If there is lack of clarity, then there are lot of assumptions that get made. There are gut feelings that are used rather than actual evidence-based decisions.

Scope creep with a lack of clarity means that you’re developing stuff you don’t need to develop.

Times being wasted where it shouldn’t be wasted.

Money is being spent where it shouldn’t be spent.

You’re not getting the ROI that you deserve because you’re not making things clear enough between yourself and your team to develop the right software at the right time.

Clarity is the key in software industry.

That’s why Aerion Technologies invented the DevReady process, so it can go through with as much clarity as possible from the outset, be as agile and flexible as it needs to be to make that work, and get that defined and crystal clear.

DevReady solves the right problem with the right solution.

Otherwise, it can just start building things that seem like that they should solve a problem or you know, it feels like it’s going to do the right thing and then that’s going to waste everyone’s time money and effort.

To avoid some scope creep in your project, make sure you’re clear on your objectives, your problem and your solution and things are being built for the reasons that they need to be built, not because that you think they should.

Scope creep is a terrible thing that can happen to the projects and it’s probably the number one reason why most projects blowout and end up all over the place.
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