Technology allows people with tremors to eat without spilling food

Technology is seen by a lot of people as the newest, shiniest quickest gadget but little of us spend time to think about technology can be an enabler and allow people with challenges to lead better lives. I love this application of “gimbal/stabilizing” technology, the same technology that keeps your camera still while moving, is […]

What do you know about Libra? Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

What do you know about Libra? Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

Many you may have heard about Libra recently – if you’re in Australia, I’m not referring to the Australian company that produces Pads, Tampons & Liners Designed By Women, For Women. I’m actually referring to the Libra, the new Cryptocurrency that was pushed and announced by Facebook.  Now, when many of you heard of CryptoCurrency, you […]

Using technology to motivate better health

This is a great innovative example of using existing technology to try and motivate people to become more active, hopefully leading to a better lifestyle. Using a financial reward as a motivator is definitely a way to push people in the right direction. This system uses AI and image recognition to record and track the […]

Dominos driverless pizza delivery

Who gets pizza delivered? Would you like it to be delivered without a driver? Then move to Houston Texas and you can experience Domino’s driverless Pizza delivery service. Domino’s and Nuro have announced a trial in Houston that will utilise Nuro’s driverless cars to delivers pizzas to customers who order online. When ordering take away […]

To The Cloud: Transition or Transform

Everyone hears about the cloud and that they should move their business there, but what does that actually mean? The cloud is just an umbrella term for highly available on-demand computers that are managed and run by a 3rd Party. The largest cloud providers at the moment are Amazon AWS followed by Microsoft Azure. There […]