BlogScope Creep: Communicate Effectively With Your Team and Client

Did you know Scope Creep can enter a project through direct communication between the client and your developer?

If you haven’t got a communication channel setup, and you haven’t got good processes in place with your team and client. Then the developer can just take a suggestion from a client and just start developing. That’s a terrible thing to happen because it hasn’t gone through the processes and nothing’s been vetted.

I did this when I first started because I thought I’ll just keep changing stuff, and that’s how you make the client happy.

Scope Creep: Communicate Effectively With Your Team and Client

When things are not clear, communication channels aren’t in place and there’s no good project manager mechanism in place, then any sort of recommendation like that can throw a project off the rails and send it sideways.

So, having effective communication between a developer and a client should be to help, ask questions, resolve issues, get clear on things, and not provide new suggestions on development that should just overtake the things that are currently in place.

There’s a process in place to develop software and that methodology should be followed with your team, so things can go smoothly.

If you need to make suggestions or changes, if you’re not reviewing something in the new ideas, then bring them up at another point in time, so it can be added to the roadmap and checked properly.

Don’t try and derail a project and cut things off halfway through.

As a developer you shouldn’t be answering yes to every single clients’ question and saying yep, we’ll implement that, we’ll drop off with what are doing at the moment and we’ll do that now.

It is best to have clear communication and a developer or a project manager who can work with a client well. This will make all the difference to your software.

If you’re a startup, a founder, or a product manager in an organization, and you’re starting to develop some software and you’re throwing out these suggestions to your team and saying can you do this?

Can you do this?

Can you do this?

You might be throwing your project out of out off the rail and introducing scope creep when you don’t mean to. You don’t even realize that you’re doing it.

Just take a step back and think about if you’re doing this and then think about how can you fix this? Introduce these as suggestions and then they can be tabled, and road mapped later
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