BlogShould You Hire or Outsource an App Developer for Your Small Business?

Are you a small business owner looking to develop an app but unsure if you should hire or outsource? You’re not alone. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which route is the best one to take. 

As a small business, you know that having an app is essential for success in today’s digital world. However, if you’re not a tech company or have a dedicated development team, you may be wondering whether it’s best to hire a developer or outsource your project. This blog post will explore the pros and cons of each approach and provide guidance on what makes the most sense for your business.  

Hiring an App Developer  

The biggest advantage of hiring an app developer is that they become part of your team and understand your business inside and out.  

Having someone onboard who knows exactly what you are trying to achieve with regard to developing an app can be invaluable. This can increase the speed of development and lead to better results since they already know your current processes, existing technology stack, etc.  

Another benefit is that you will have direct control over how the project is managed. You won’t have to rely on a third party to ensure that things are done according to specifications, as this will be handled internally by the developer. 

Finally, having direct access to your developer allows for more efficient communication when it comes time for troubleshooting or making changes throughout the project’s lifecycle.  

Outsourcing Your App Development  

The primary advantage of outsourcing is cost savings; when compared to hiring an in-house team, outsourcing can save on total costs. When working with a third-party provider, there’s no need to worry about paying salaries or providing benefits—all development costs are outlined upfront (including any additional services like maintenance or support). Plus, outsourcing allows you access to additional resources that may not otherwise be available if working with just one individual (e.g., additional developers or designers).  

If budget isn’t a major concern for your project, there are also some potential downsides with outsourcing as well—namely less control over quality assurance and slower turnaround times due to language barriers and potentially longer distances between teams (especially if you go overseas). It’s also important to make sure that your data remains secure when dealing with any third-party provider; always check their security protocols before signing any agreements!  

The Benefits of Both Options  

Both hiring and outsourcing offer unique advantages that could benefit your business in different ways depending on your needs and goals.  

Hiring someone directly gives them more incentive to stay with your company long-term which can be beneficial if you want continuity in development over time or if you plan on launching new features down the line.  

On the other hand, working with a freelancer or agency means that they are likely experienced with various platforms and technologies which could speed up development time significantly compared to someone new who would need more guidance from the beginning stages of development.  

What’s your budget? 

The first thing you need to consider when deciding between hiring and outsourcing is your budget. If you have enough money in your budget for a full-time employee, then that might be the best option for you.  

Having someone on staff will give you more control over the development process and allow you to make changes quickly without having to wait for outside developers to respond. It will also give you access to their expertise in other areas such as design, marketing, and customer service. 


No matter which routes you choose—hiring directly or outsourcing—it’s important to ensure that all parties involved in the process understand what is expected from them and how long it should take. Doing so will ensure smoother communications throughout the entire app development cycle and help maximize return on investment once it’s time for launch day!  

Also, make sure that whatever decision you make, it’s based on thorough research into both options as well as carefully considering both short-term costs versus long-term benefits before making any commitments. By taking this approach, you should have no problem finding an app developer who is perfect for your project! 

Small businesses have plenty of options when it comes time to develop apps; understanding these options can help make sure yours succeeds! 

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