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How can you improve your customer experience by introducing AR navigation? Google has just started providing access to AR Navigation within Google Maps as part of an Alpha program. I got an email from Google letting me know that I was part of a group of Alpha testers who had access to AR Navigation within Google Maps. Google provided access to this alpha feature as I contribute reviews and photos Google Maps.

How it works

To activate the AR navigation you need to set Walking directions on. Once that happens the phone asks you to point the camera at the other side of the street so that it can locate itself. Once located you the directions become visible as an overlay on your camera as your pointing it around. There are Giant arrows showing you where to turn or travel, indicators pointing to the correct location if you’re facing the wrong way and a huge pin at your destination.

You can’t walk and point the phone at the same time and the AR turns off on its own to prevent road accidents.

Improving the customer experience

After using this feature I started thinking about how else it could be used. Imagine using this technology in a retail environment where the directions are taking you to the exact spot on a shelf where you can find the product you’re after.  This is a much better solution than the current aisle sign.

Have you ever had trouble at an expo looking for a specific stand? How useful would it be to have directions to the stand with the giant pin floating on top of the stand so you can easily identify it?

Let me know in the comments below what other great uses for AR you can come up with or if you have some that you are already using.
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