TechnologyTipsHow Slack Can Help Drive Customer Engagement

You may already know Slack as the team communication platform it was designed to be. Conceived as a way to facilitate team communication and increase workplace productivity, Slack allows teams to collaborate and be more productive through the use of bots. But did you know you can also use it as a customer engagement tool?

Integrate with your existing tools

Integrate tools with Slack

You may be using an existing CRM, help desk or other tools to drive your customer engagement currently. If so, you can probably find an integration in the Slack app directory to connect to your existing tools. In this way, you can interact with the tool, and perhaps your customers and leads directly from within Slack.

For example, you may have something like Intercom set up on your website and you can use the integration to communicate directly with customers and leads through the same tool you use to communicate with your colleagues. Or you could get notifications from helpdesk systems like Freshdesk or Zendesk directly in Slack.

Use Slack-based tools

Chatlio allows you to chat with website viewers from Slack

The Slack apps directory also includes many customer engagement tools you can use from directly within Slack. For example, tools like Slaask or Chatlio let you embed a chat window on your website which will create channels in Slack for you to talk directly to your customers and leads. Talkus allows you to receive customer emails in Slack and even track support tickets.

Get your users in on Slack

Connect directly to your users through Slack

Slack itself can be used as a community for your customers, like your own private social network. You can create some open channels, then share a join link with those you want to join your community, or publish it publicly for anyone to join. Private channels can be created for your team, or community members you choose. You can also use the power of Slack’s apps and bots to engage directly with the members of your community.

Share and collaborate with others on Slack

Use shared channels within Slack

If you’re a business that serves other businesses on ongoing projects, then oftentimes they will also use Slack. But rather than have individuals join your slack channels (or you join theirs) and have to juggle multiple workspaces, Slack has a new feature in beta called Shared Channels, where one channel can exist across multiple workspaces and have members from both. This allows for better communication and collaboration. And if they don’t use Slack, there are other options to help connect other chat programs with Slack, such as the Sameroom bot, or integrations with other tools such as the Field Trip app for integration with Basecamp.
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