TechnologyTipsWhy do I have to update? External factors forcing change

Developing software is not a do it once and forget about it after release situation. There are continuous upgrades and maintenance that you will need to do to keep it up to date, but then we can also have the external factors which affect your app.

In the case of Mobile apps, it’s updated to Android or iOS but sometimes you also get regulatory changes; as is the case in the electricity industry right now. They are now going through a change process to implemented 5-minute intervals instead of 30-minute intervals in the wholesale market. This will affect the price the generators get paid to generate electricity and what we will pay as consumers.

Now if you were facing this change how would you be able to handle 6 times the amount of data being streamed into your platform? What implications would this have on storage, processing time, reporting, analytics and general performance and User Experience of your app?
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