BlogWhisky & Technology: Real world use of Augmented Reality and Blockchain

For those who don’t know me, I’m a huge whisky/scotch fan and I enjoy a nice glass. I even have my Instagram dedicated to it ( ), I’m also a huge tech fan and am always interested in learning and finding new ways tech can be applied.

When I saw some news about these two things coming together, I felt that I had to make a video and let you know about it.

The first one is Jack Daniels and their Augmented Reality approach to storytelling. By downloading the Jack Daniels app and pointing it at the bottle label, you can watch and learn how Jack Daniels started, and how Jack Daniels is made. I believe this is a great way to provide something interactive and get your customers’ attention as well educate them on your brand and values.

The second merging of whisky and tech that I found was from Aisla Bay who have embedded a QR code onto their label to allow customers to retrieve data from a blockchain and view a visual history of their bottle from source to store and track it along its route to their hands. William Grant, the owner of Aisla Bay, wanted to provide transparency in the process of creating a bottle and in return they get sales data about where the whisky is eventually bought and consumed.

These two examples of technology in this whisky industry are not only related to the whisky industry as they can apply to any business .

The blockchain can be used by any sort of manufacturing and production business where you want to present transparent information to your customers about the supply chain production or manufacturing. There’s a lot of examples of this in the real world at the moment; in Dubai, their ports recently received delivery of a load of oranges that they tracked across the blockchain. They tracked the initial data point from the point of picking to which container, ship and ports it had travelled to.

An AR experience is an awesome way to tell a story for your customers as it provides another channel for high engagement and provides that novelty experience. If you’ve got a great story to tell, an AR experience is an awesome way to do it. It provides you with another medium into people’s phones and devices. The technology is also evolving to where you don’t have to have an app and you have the same experience through a website.

This is easier for customers to engage with as they don’t have to download another app and compete with the other real estate on their phones. It is, after all, the most expensive real estate in the world as it allows businesses to directly engage with customers and have their attention.

Now, these two use cases are not specific to whisky and can be applied to any product if you want to offer transparency in the supply chain or want a cool and interesting way to tell your brand’s story.
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