BlogYou Can Release Software With Known Bugs

Designing & Developing Software is an art, it’s also never perfect. There are always bugs and if you’ve found a developer who can promise you that there will be no bugs, you have found the 1 magic development firm or they’re lying.

There are always bugs in code but not all bugs are deal-breakers or represent the end of the world. Some are just minor annoyances and still let you use features, they just represent a small roadblock.

It’s ok to release your app with known bugs if those bugs don’t stop your app from operating. They can be addressed in the future if they affect enough people, other times they might only affect a tiny percentage of users.

If you communicate the status of bugs with your users and notify them of updates, they can then accept having bugs present.

If you hold off your releases until everything is fixed how much value or ROI are you and your users missing out on by not having that new feature?

By not releasing for weeks or months at a time what does that do your users confidence in your product?

If you don’t release your app how will you be able to assess and evaluate the decisions made are correct or if they need to be looked at again?
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