DevReady PodcastClose More Deals with SaaS DEAL Framework with Matt Wolach – Episode 65 – DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony speak with Matt Wolach, SaaS expert and former guest on the show. During the conversation, Matt explains his philosophy behind The Perfect DEAL process and how to successfully scale SaaS platforms.

The key to a successful sales model is that it is easy to understand and easy to transfer to someone new. Matt talks about how a lot of early wins in the software space are a direct result of the passion of the founders, which is not a bad thing. But that passion isn’t easily transferred to new hires. This is where the simplicity of the perfect deal process comes in. A repeatable process helps the sales team to grow seamlessly.

“You know you’ve won when you hear ‘you get me.” – Matt Wolach

Matt explains that the DEAL stands for four key things that must happen on a sales call in order to close. He boasts a 63% close rate on his team after using the Perfect DEAL strategy. So what is it?

  1. The “D” is for Discover. You have to be able to run a great discovery process. People will not take action if they don’t understand how badly they want to solve their own problems.
  2. The “E” is for Educate. Take the opportunity to share a trend that’s happening in the industry. You’ll take down their walls, and they will trust you going forward.
  3. The “A” is for Associate. Draw an association between your product and their challenges. Take the time to tailor your pitch (and your product!) to their particular needs.
  4. The “L” is for Lead. You need to prove yourself as the guide worthy of following—and then lead the client all the way through to the end of the sale. And you must lay out the next steps.

The process is not intuitive, Matt repeats, but it is worth the time to help your SaaS companies really grow.

Topics Covered
● The Perfect DEAL helps you sell and scale SaaS companies.
● Why existing sales models need to be moulded to fit SaaS.
● A repeatable process to scale your business.
● Getting prospects to feel bad enough about the problems that they want to fix them.
● Cater your SaaS products to specific customer needs and you’ll win.
● How to demonstrate expertise in your niche
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