DevReady PodcastDevReady Podcast E18 – How PR Can Help Non-Techs with Jules Brooke

“Right now, your chances being published in the media and building your profile is HUGE” – Jules Brooke from Handle Your Own PR.

We enjoyed talking to Jules about her tech journey so much that we had to invite her back to explore how PR can help non-techs build their brand and business profile.

Have you ever wanted to be published in the Fin Review or share your story on the Evening News?

In this weeks episode of the DevReady Podcast, we took a deep dive into how to write an article and then get it in the hands the right journalists.

PR is a powerful awareness exercise and it has never been easier to get published. Through the pandemic, the media is getting about 4x
as much traffic and half as much content sent to them.

To learn more how you can utilise PR to build your brand, check out the full Episode.
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