DevReady PodcastDevReady Podcast E21 – The Highs and Lows for a Startup Entrepreneur with Adam Jacoby

In this episode, you will learn about technology in politics, the highs and lows, and everything in between for a startup entrepreneur.

In this week’s episode of the DevReady Podcast, we interviewed Adam A. Jacoby, founder of MiVote, Chairman Esport Mogul (ASX: ESH), 2 X Codex World’s Top 50 Innovator, Director Global & Strategic Innovation Swinburne University of Technology Innovation Precinct.

Key topics discussed:

  • Reimagining democracy through technology.
  • How to build a technology that gives people the power to exercise democracy freely.
  • The challenges of developing a nonprofit tech startup.
  • The contribution of technology in solving democracy issues.
  • The importance of a systematic ecosystem for successful business growth.

Adam started his entrepreneurial journey right after finishing high school which turned out well for him. After years of founding and managing multiple tech start-ups, Adam directed his attention towards integrating technology in politics, and it would transform the landscape of democracy. He and his partner started a company called (MiVote) which helps people exercise democracy freely.

In this episode, Adam talks about the journey of MiVote in Australia and explains how they decided to stay not-for-profit for not compromising its integrity and moral conduct. They have been approached by many corporations for partnerships and were offered millions of dollars for utilizing and controlling the tech together. But Adam and his team decided not to go to that path even though they were aware of the challenges which existed in doing so.

MiVote faced fair share of struggles from financial constraints to deceived by one of original partner developers of the program which led them to start all over again.

The MiVote program is an eye-opening concept that will help communities all over the world to make their democratic decisions without the influence of political leaders. The founder and controllers of such technologies must be genuine with the program by using it for the interest of the public rather than partnering with large corporations and exploiting the technology for their own interests.
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