DevReady PodcastDevReady Podcast E23 – Conversation as a Service with Terry Wilson

In this weeks episode of the DevReady Podcast, we spoke to Terry Wilson from Chat Metrics | Conversation as a Service – CaaS | Live Chat | Lead Generation.

When developing a #Saas product, we can sometimes focus all our energy on the building the tech. But in the end, like every other business, we need to understand how to market, nature and convert our leads.

Chatbots is a new piece of tech that many businesses have begun putting in the corner of their websites. If you have a chatbot, have you considered the experience that your customers and prospects are having with the bot?

Terry is an advocate for live chat, having real people talk to your customers and helping them engage and interact with your webpage and service offerings.

Love to hear your thoughts below.

Would you prefer to talk to a bot or a real person?
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