DevReady PodcastEpisode 50 – The Future of Well-Rounded Leadership with Christine Khor

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony talk to the CEO of and talent executive, Christine Khor. During their conversation, they discuss thought leadership, the benefits of executive coaching, and how to overcome fear in the marketplace.

At the beginning of the episode, Christine talks about what coaching actually is, and what it is not. She provides her background and discusses why she has a passion for helping people to improve their processes and their work-life balance. Going off the cuff for a moment, she mentions the fact that being a braggart about workaholism is not a virtue, and that Gen Z and the Millennials might actually have that part right.

“Being a startup means being frugal, but not being cheap.” – Christine Khor

She shares some industry insight into how executive coaching works, who it might be right for, and how people might get started into the coaching process. Christine believes that all people will ultimately benefit from coaching, and they can take their renewed perspectives back with them into the workplace to enhance their productivity and passion. This means having a diverse team around you to help make tough decisions. It also means not being afraid. It’s not as simple as just choosing not to fear things, though. It takes work, and Christine’s team of coaches at PeeplCoach know how.

“The financial reward isn’t enough of a motivator…you need passion and drive.” – Andrew Romeo

Ultimately, the leadership at any startup is trying to create value for their investments, and executive coaching can help to maximize the returns on those investments by preparing leadership for any challenge that may come their way. You can reach Christine at the contact info provided below.

Topics Covered:

  • How executive coaching helps you understand your limiting beliefs.
  • Managing work expectations against working your life away.
  • What should you take in if you want to coach others?
  • Diversity ultimately creates better outcomes.
  • Recruitment matching.
  • Coaching yourself through fear and managing to push you forward.
  • Be careful about how much focus you put on money.
  • Your startup is looking for value for money, not for what is cheap.
  • Kinds of people who are ready for coaching.
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