DevReady PodcastFast-track Your Growth with Tech Torque with Matthew Whyatt – Episode 86 – DevReady Podcast

This episode of the DevReady Podcast features Matthew Whyatt, Co-Founder and Technology Sales Specialist at Tech Torque Systems—the first integrated, purpose-built, precision growth system for the tech sector. Listen to the conversation as host, Andrew Romeo and Matthew talk about how tech businesses can be better positioned to sell more products and benefit more people.

Once the potential customer understands their need to grow, when the potential customer is tired of wasting money on marketing ideas that did not work, when the potential customer wants to increase their own customer base, they convert into being actual customers for the business.

Being able to monetize the process is of utmost importance here. However, this can be tricky when:

· You tell the potential customer that that pain can be eased quickly and that drains their enthusiasm in buying the product/service

· You build the entire scope of work just for generating a quote

After all, as Matthew says, “free consulting is appropriately priced.”

Topics Covered

· Marketing Fuels the Sales Engine

· Building a Team of Talented People with Specific Roles

· Challenges When Selling and Marketing

· B2B and B2C Marketing Strategies

· 3 Key Areas for Growth (Branding, Marketing, Conversion)

· How to Engage Customers

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