DevReady PodcastFrom a Musician to a Technologist with Mark McCormack from Design Posse – Ep# 77 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, hosts Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis talk to Mark McCormack, Co-Founder, Design Posse. Mark has had a pretty long and eventful career, from being in a cover band to designing digital strategies for various advertising agencies to supporting start-ups and innovation in entertainment-related technology—he has surely done it all.

In fact, early in his non-musical career, he founded ISPMatch which was Australia’s first price comparison website for Internet Service Providers. Prior to that, he worked with Red Sheriff, where the team pioneered, might I add, globally, the use of javascript tags to measure page views and activities. And this was way before Google acquired Urchin which became Google Analytics that we know of today.

Call him a musician, call him a technologist, or call him a Young Achiever as he was, after all, the runner up in the Young Achievers Competition—that being his first foray into the world and marketing and interviews. That, as they say, was only the start of his rather illustrious career.

Being driven by ambition and being creative to his core were elemental in his success and also the growth of the companies that he worked with and founded over decades. Being a strong advocate of experiences shaping one’s perspective, he took chances and was willing to see beyond the obvious. That’s what led his company to be the pioneer in javascript tags.

Having worked in different industries, Mark strongly believes that two things are key to success in any industry, no matter how disruptive a product or service is:

1. Ability to build networks

2. Ability to solve a problem

Topics Covered
· Moving into the Software Industry from Music
· Struggles of being the Pioneer
· How to educate your customers
· Taking Risks
· Building effective Networks

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