DevReady PodcastFrom Concept to Design: Launching a SaaS Product with Alex Pirouz from linkfluencer – Episode 63 – DevReady Podcast

This episode of DevReady explores how Alex Pirouz has transformed an entrepreneurial idea from an online service into an end-to-end solution. Andrew and Anthony take a close look at the evolution of linkfluencer and the development of Jayla, the software application Alex has developed to drive this unique SaaS platform.

“I was chasing money (but) learned to chase legacy” – Alex Pirouz

Launched in 2013, linkfluencer started initially as a service – an online course that helped users optimize business marketing and development resources available through LinkedIn. But ultimately Alex found that his customers required something beyond a three-step mentoring program. They craved community, long-term strategy and, most importantly, support implementing sales plans and measuring for results.

After identifying this pain point, Alex partnered with an experienced software developer to design Jayla, a powerful platform that helps SMEs and corporates manage marketing and sales opportunities generated through LinkedIn.

“We’re living in an H-2-H (human-to-human) economy. We bind to people, then we bind to companies, then we bind to products.” – Alex Pirouz

Moving from concept to execution and Jayla’s recent launch was a multi-phased proposition with defined requirements. Alex shares a range of thoughts on the features his platform offers and why each component is critical to getting desirable results. He describes the steps involved in taking linkfluencer from service to a product and answers questions about his priorities and vision.

Additionally, Alex and his hosts share valuable insights into the many ways in which LinkedIn can be leveraged (and some marketing pitfalls to avoid). Enjoy this lively conversation spanning both the entrepreneurial and technical aspects of launching a robust, successful SaaS product.

Topics Covered:
● Optimizing LinkedIn: How linkfluencer® morphed from a service to a scalable software.
● The importance of metrics.
● Why 99% of entrepreneurs “suck at execution”.
● How a non-tech founder approached the development/build-out of his Jayla application.
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