DevReady PodcastHigh-Performance Teams in the Remote-Work Era – Episode 58 – DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony speak with Julie Starovoitova, People Experience Lead at PaperCut Software.

Over the course of the conversation, Julie describes some of the key initiatives she has helped launch toward building high-performing teams. Some of these strategies include:

1. Making sure that all your values and principles are actually lived. This even informs performance reviews.

2. Job-swapping helps team members understand each others’ roles.

“I think a lot of people learned a lot about themselves during the transition to remote work.” – Julie Starovoitova

Julie also shares how PaperCut’s performance review questions reflect a desire to build high-performing teams.

The four questions for a PaperCut performance review (adopted from Deloitte):

  1. General performance and cultural fitness
  2. Performance around values and principles
  3. Risk of low-performance question
  4. If at risk of leaving, what should be done to keep them.

“Try to minimize subjectivity as much as possible.” – Anthony Sapountzis

Topics Covered:

  • Controlling growing teams.
  • Successes in transitioning to a remote work platform.
  • Seeing team members adapt to working from home.
  • What high-performing culture means?
  • Investing in teams!
  • “Anyone can talk to anyone” as a principle.
  • Real-life scenarios vs abstract performance reviews.
  • Codifying the essence of your business.
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