DevReady PodcastHow to Build Functional & Secure Websites with AIP with Stephen Downey – Episode 82 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, hosts Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis talk to Stephen Wilson Downey, CEO & Founder of AIP Technology. AIP’s technology automates website maintenance, keeps sites up-to-date and secure, and identifies and fixes bugs so that customers can utilize their time elsewhere. Listen in as the three of them talk about the endless possibilities that the world of WordPress has to offer and how customers’ needs and requirements are of utmost importance.

Ever since AIP Technology was set up, Stephen and his co-founders, have had a goal of catering to the needs of the customers. Multiple plugins and their unique features often make the job of maintenance of WordPress a challenging issue—it is much like finding a needle in a haystack. But having realized that WordPress powers around a third of the internet, Stephen believes that aiming to solve the problem for the customers have been worthwhile.

The possibilities were endless and so were the challenges, underscores Stephen. With data covering 55,000 open-source plugins and a few thousand more private or closed source plugins, comprehending that data, let alone what to do with it was a huge barrier to breakthrough. To overcome that the goal was to ensure that AIP was as agnostic as possible in terms of what type of server clients were using and what kind of hosting they were engaged with. Two things that are prerequisites for this type of undertaking are:

1. Having the trust in your team to get you there

2. Having fuel in the tank i.e., money in the bank to get the job done

63% of WordPress websites are breached due to out-of-date components which means that maintenance of websites has much value and that is what AIP technology does with its ability to find, for the users, the best mix of plugins, while also automating the most monotonous tasks.

Topics Covered

· Possibilities in Website Maintenance

· Finding Solution to a Unique Problem

· Building a Team and Having Enough Funds

· Focusing on the Needs of the Customers

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