DevReady PodcastIntuition: Make your business successful with your gut with Sunil Godse – Episode 71 – DevReady Podcast

We often don’t know where a “gut decision” comes from, but the feeling is unmistakable. This episode of DevReady demystifies that little voice in the back of our heads that can so influence our choices, for good or ill. Sunil Godse explains to Anthony why we should listen, but not without doing the work to understand fully the elements of intuition. As an “Intuitionologist,” he has learned to decode the many ways in which life experience impacts our brains and shapes a whole spectrum of decisions, particularly in the realm of business.  

An author, branding expert, coach and consultant, Sunil has devoted thousands of hours to researching the neuroscience behind the reflexive choices we make. He traces the roots of trust and shares real-world case studies that reveal the influence of powerful subliminal signalling, including: 

  • Experiential Intuition 
  • Situational Intuition  
  • Relational Intuition 
  • Creative Intuition 

When properly leveraged, intuition (and the trust upon which its based) can transform entrepreneurial ventures, employee morale and customer experience alike. Sunil takes us from his early career path (often dictated by influences that didn’t align with his gut) through the many examples of intuition as a tool for honouring core values and building sound relationships based on self-awareness and understanding. 

“You can’t treat customers like a number. If you want them to buy your product or service, treat them like a person.” – Sunil Godse

Enjoy the many “knowledge bombs” Sunil has to share in this episode, including additional reading and further resources. 

Topics Covered:
– What differentiates entrepreneurial success from failure?
– Follow your instinct.
– 4 types of intuitive signalling that impact decision-making.
– How to define your signals?

Additional Resources:
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