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In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, hosts Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis talk to Surge Singh, Co-Founder of Locumate, a platform, the aim of which is to create a community dedicated to Locums in Australia. Listen in to this insightful conversation to learn more about the platform that is looking to bring about the much-needed technological disruption in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that Locums can find the perfect shifts, get paid on time and get access to additional educational resources to help them grow their career as pharmacists.

Surge recalls how the idea of Locumate came about—it was the month of March in 2020 when his wife Kavita Nadan, a pharmacist herself, (also Co-Founder of Locumate) came home fuming about the invoices; and growing frustrated because of problems she was having in regards to the engagement with locums. Wanting to help her, Surge took it upon himself to find if there was software that could ease her work.

To his surprise, there was no such software available, not just locally but also in the international market. So, the duo decided to build one on their own. With Surge’s technical expertise and Kavita’s know-how of the domain, they took a methodological approach in delivering a technology that would help solve the problem in the industry. They sat down and designed what an end-to-end process would look like. They built a prototype and established a feedback loop with the end-users, which in their case, were not just the Locums but also the pharmacists.

Surge goes on to talk about how having a product is one thing but building a business around the product is an entirely different challenge. From his experience, he says that he consulted the experts and hired a team that knew how to build a business rather than trying to do something that the founders weren’t particularly good at. When asked about how he caters to a niche audience, his key pointers were:

1. Have domain expertise as it allows you to identify and then solve unique problems/ pain in the industry.

2. Build trust in the brand as people need to know who is behind the product that they are likely to use.

3. Create a feedback loop with end-users as it might help address additional problems and concerns that might have not been covered when building the prototype.

Topics Covered:
· How Locumate Built a Transactional Platform for Locums and Pharmacists?
· How to Balance Domain and Technical Expertise?
· Building a Product and Developing a Business around it.
· Creating a Feedback Loop with End Users.
· The Key to Stick to Your Core Values.
· The Best Way to Find a Great Tech Partner.

Listen or watch the complete episode to learn the complete story of Locumate.

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