DevReady PodcastThe road to success in business: Changing your mindset & heart set with Leigh Eggins from Million Dollar Business Club – Episode 69 – DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady podcast, Andrew engages Leigh Eggins, founder of the Million Dollar Business Club, in a fascinating exploration of holistic coaching. In what amounts to a paradigm shift, Leigh asks clients to reconsider assumptions and dig around in the shadows to unearth self-limiting beliefs. The result? Tremendous growth not only from a business perspective but in myriad other aspects of life. “At the end of the day, it is a person running the business,” says Leigh, “and if that person’s not performing at their best then the business won’t be performing at its best.” Makes sense! 

“It’s in those places that we’re uncomfortable that the magic actually happens. It’s about stepping into them and realizing that they’re not as bad as we thought.” – Andrew Romeo

The question is: How do we get there? Leigh shares some of the tools he recommends to clients, including out-of-the-box ideas like meditation and “heart-set.” He also walks us through his “Possibilities & Evidence” process and shares some simple questions to ask when we need a reset, personally or professionally – or both, since they are, after all, so deeply intertwined.  

Learn about Leigh’s journey and how he came to carve out a unique niche within the coaching space. His Million Dollar Business Club offers entrepreneurs and business owners access to invaluable connections, resources and experiences. The ultimate goal? To reduce work hours, obligations and stress while increasing fun, profits and success. Leigh has all kinds of strategies to get there, some of which Andrew has personally tried (and the results of which he shares on the podcast). 

If you’re ready to break with received wisdom and get comfortable being uncomfortable, then this is the episode for you. It’s all too easy to get “addicted” to outmoded systems or patterns of thoughts long overdue for re-examination and change. But we don’t have to stay locked into counterproductive stressors or false beliefs. Leigh and Andrew share tips and illuminate a path towards not only business success but also personal growth and fulfilling life. 

“Success is not about a dollar figure in a bank account. It’s about how happy you are in the experience that you’re having, how you’re helping your community and team.” – Leigh Eggins

Topics Covered:

● Leigh unspools how he came to his coaching philosophy.

● How to get out of our comfort zones?

● What is heart-set and how does heart-set affects brain function and outcome?

● When stress goes up, intelligence goes down.

● Leigh shares the art and science behind a transformational tool “Smile-Posture-Breath/Thank-Trust-Receive.”

Click here to learn more about the Million Dollar Business Club.
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