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‘For All Mankind,’ an Apple TV+ series I’ve recently watched, presents an alternate history of the space race, where the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon, igniting further competition in space exploration. Across Seasons 1 and 2, the series explores themes of leadership, innovation, gender dynamics, and the personal cost of ambition, offering valuable insights applicable to the business world. The characters, each with distinct traits and arcs, reflect various aspects of business, professional life and leadership. These three things are essential to the success of any business owner, startup or founder.

Season 1: Redefining Leadership and Breaking Barriers

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Ed Baldwin: The Resilient Leader 
For all Mankind: Ed Baldwin
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Ed Baldwin, portrayed by Joel Kinnaman, is a NASA astronaut who demonstrates resilience and determination. His journey, marred by personal and professional setbacks, including losing a crew member, shows the importance of resilience in leadership. Baldwin’s ability to navigate these challenges and make tough decisions under pressure mirrors the qualities needed in business leaders during crises. 

These qualities are exemplified in the first season when he is brought before Congress; everyone expects him to burn NASA and their inability to take risks because the Soviets landed first. However, he brings to light the personal decision he made. On Apollo 10, the dress rehearsal for Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, he was tasked with entering the Moon’s orbit and making an approach to the surface but not to land. It is shown on the show that he hesitates with the mission directives and contemplates landing the vehicle to be the first person to land on the Moon; however, he doesn’t do it. He has the courage to explain this to Congress and the world and takes ownership of the loss himself. 

Molly Cobb: The Trailblazer
For all Mankind: Molly Cobb
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Molly Cobb, one of the first female astronauts in the series, breaks gender barriers and proves her worth in a male-dominated field. Her character is a testament to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Molly’s perseverance and competence in the face of scepticism highlight how embracing diverse talents can lead to innovation and progress in the business.

This diversity is key in any workplace and allows different experiences to help shape the decisions of the business moving forward. Each team member’s traits, experiences and personalities help forge their choices and create a unique perspective on every problem and the world. Why would you not leverage the benefit or more points of view than you could experience and try to find the best outcome or thoughts for any problems or scenarios?

Gordo and Tracy Stevens: The Power Couple
For all Mankind: Gordon and Tracy Stevens
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Gordo and Tracy Stevens, both astronauts, navigate their professional and personal lives throughout the series. Their relationship dynamics, especially Tracy’s rising career juxtaposed against Gordo’s struggles, shed light on the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance. Their story illustrates how personal and professional lives can intertwine and impact performance in high-stress careers.

We can all relate to the work-life balance shown in the show. It isn’t easy, at times, to find the right balance and ensure you are living the best way you can at home and work. However, it’s a challenge most of us face. It’s critical to remember what your motivations are and what drives you to ensure you straddle that line and deliver your best wherever it’s needed. 

Season 2: Escalating Competition and Ethical Dilemmas

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Danielle Poole: The Ethical Leader

Season 2 introduces Danielle Poole, an African American astronaut who faces ethical dilemmas and discrimination. Her integrity and leadership, especially during the Jamestown crisis, underscore the importance of ethical decision-making and moral courage in leadership positions.

In Season 2, tensions are high between the US and USSR and in a missing, and both sides are only trying to try and show that the other will not move forward. We ended up with a diplomatic mission where the US and USSR would dock two spacecraft while in orbit and shake hands, showing they could collaborate. While this is happening, there is a huge crisis on the moon base, which threatens to escalate to an all-out nuclear war. Danielle was ordered to stand down. 

However, she decides to forgo those orders and complete the mission, stating, “We have to work together, or none of us are going home,” highlighting the importance of teamwork and collaboration in crisis management. This display of peace allowed the leaders to see an alternative path and prevent tensions from escalating, further defusing the entire situation. 

Margo Madison: The Visionary
For all Mankind: Margo Madison
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Margo Madison, the brilliant NASA engineer, becomes a central figure in Season 2. Her forward-thinking vision for NASA’s future and her willingness to take risks for innovation are emblematic of a visionary business leader. Margo’s character shows the necessity of embracing new technologies and ideas to stay ahead in a competitive environment.

“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later,” during a critical decision-making moment in Season 2, encapsulating innovation’s risk-taking and trust-building aspects. 

Margo is driven by science and maths, using numbers to ensure she has all the data to make decisions that ultimately drive NASA forward. These decisions help solve critical problems through their innovative approach to utilising all resources available at any time. A Key trait any business owner, startup or founder would benefit from. 

Beyond a gripping and embracing two seasons of TV, ‘For All Mankind’ Seasons 1 and 2 offer much more. They provide a broad set of characters and scenarios that mirror the challenges and triumphs of the business world. From leadership and resilience to innovation and ethical dilemmas, the series is compelling in how it presents professional dynamics and personal growth. The characters’ journeys through adversity, triumphs and failures, and ethical and personal dilemmas mirror the complex business world.

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