BlogScope Creep: Weak Project Management

What is a quick way to introduce scope creep to a project?

If you said a weak project manager, you’re right.

No one wants a project manager who is going to fold quicker than a house of cards.

A project manager is critical to the way a project is delivered and its success. They can liaise with the client, manage all requirements, manage the team, and make sure things get done properly.

If you’re working with a project manager who is just a yes person and doesn’t offer any push back to your suggestions, offer alternatives or try to explore them properly then you’re in trouble.

You will have scope creep because your project manager’s going to let everything through the floodgates, it will blow out your entire project and it might not get delivered at all.

Having a good project manager in place who can help manage the team and you properly as the middle person is critical to getting a successful project.

If you’re working with another team and you know that their project management isn’t up to scratch, then you can help the process.

You can try and contain some of the requirements or request to stick to the plan that you’ve designed. Try to push them in a direction where they make a plan and stick to continual small releases and keep things in check that way.

By doing this you can be on top of them and on top of the project as well. But seriously, they should be working with you to do that in the first place.

If your project is seeing any of the following:

  • deadlines are always missed
  • there are always issues in the code
  • things are being introduced and other things are getting pushback when they shouldn’t be.

Then you have scope creep and probably didn’t know it. Once you improve the Project Management you should be able to say goodbye to this kind of scope creep.

Scope Creep: Weak Project Management
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