“Scope Creep is like a Vine if you don’t control it becomes unwieldy and overwhelming. Scope Creep as a concept is not unique to software development projects but it applies to all industries and areas however it seems that there is always more leeway or more reasons to allow it within software projects. Whenever it...

Wireframes are a crucial tool in the early stages of any project – the clarity they provide to your conceptualisation, refinement and features is unparalleled. They can come in all shapes and sizes (depending on your type of app) as well as a varying level of detail included in them.

On the 10th of October, I went to the Unity Developer Day, which contained talks and walk-through sessions around Unity’s latest and upcoming features. Unity is a cross-platform game engine, but it can be used for industries other than gaming; such as engineering and architecture. It’s always interesting to see what new features are planned...

Developer communication is key to a successful project, but you shouldn’t have to spend every day talking to them or micromanaging them as the client. Developer communication is key to a successful project. We’ve heard numerous times in the past and several times this month from people that have gone out on their own and...
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