DevReady PodcastCarmen’s Global Teams: Amplify Your Business with Virtual Assistants! – EP 122 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our host, Andrew Romeo, joins Carmen Williams, Co-Founder & Director of Global Teams. In this episode, Carmen shares the secrets behind leveraging her Global Teams’ Virtual Assistants (VAs) to not just elevate but truly amplify your business potential. Join us on a journey through Carmen’s insights, a game-changer for entrepreneurs navigating the landscape of the digital era. Discover how her expertise transforms businesses and unlocks the full spectrum of possibilities in this compelling exploration of global teams and virtual mastery.

Carmen shares the unexpected journey of her business, originally rooted in healthcare consulting, that organically grew into a thriving virtual assistant company supporting over 100 professionals in the Philippines. Highlighting the diverse qualifications of her team, including individuals with backgrounds in science, mathematics, law, and engineering, Carmen emphasizes their role in different stages of business growth.

Carmen delves into the crucial aspects of effective communication and collaboration between business owners and virtual assistants, offering insights into marketing strategies. She underscores the importance of business owners owning the strategy and content creation for social media marketing while virtual assistants contribute through distribution and enhancement tasks. The discussion extends to recruitment challenges, delegation practices, and the nuanced methods for motivating virtual assistants.

The conversation shifts to understanding the cost considerations of managing virtual assistants, with Carmen acknowledging that while doing tasks independently may be cheaper, many seek additional support for tasks like scoping, candidate selection, and ongoing communication. Carmen distinguishes between clients with mature businesses willing to invest in quality and those new to the process, seeking extra support to ensure success in integrating virtual assistants.

Carmen’s approach extends beyond business relationships to fostering mutual understanding between business owners and virtual assistants. She shares a popular training module focused on helping virtual assistants comprehend the unique aspects of Australian business culture. Carmen invites listeners to explore resources on for a deeper understanding of virtual assistant capabilities and improved communication strategies.

Topics Covered
  • How Carmen founded Global Teams
  • Diverse Virtual Assistant Talents in Carmen’s Team
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Marketing Secrets 
  • Hands-On Delegation Approach
  • Motivating Virtual Superstars
  • Balancing the Cost Equation
  • Tailored Support for Growth
  • Cultural Understanding Initiatives
Important Time Stamps
  • Meet Carmen: Turning Virtual Assistance into a Thriving Global Business! (0:51 – 2:20)
  • Smart, Dedicated, and Diverse: Carmen’s Team of Business Boosters! (2:21 – 3:22)
  • Beyond Basics: Carmen’s Guide to Operational Excellence with VAs! (3:23 – 4:29)
  • How Carmen’s Virtual Assistants Turn Content into Gold (4:56 – 6:03)
  • From Talk to Tweak: Carmen’s Formula for Effective Biz-VA Relations (6:45 – 8:12)
  • The Carmen Touch: Delegating with Precision in the Business World (8:36 – 10:05)
  • Close and Targeted: Carmen’s Dual Approach to Building VA Teams (10:06 – 12:01)
  • Motivation Magic: Carmen’s Playbook for Happy Virtual Assistants! (12:48 – 14:57) 
  • Investing in Excellence: Carmen’s Insight on Virtual Assistant Value! (18:34 – 19:57)
  • Unlock the VA Code: Carmen’s Toolbox for Business-VA Synchronicity (20:43 – 22:00) 

Carmen Williams | LinkedIn

Global Teams | Website
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