DevReady PodcastCoaching, Leadership, and Tech: A Journey of Innovation with Slaven Drinovac – EP 107 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our hosts, Andrew Romeo and Anthony Sapountzis are joined by the guest Slaven Drinovac, Managing Director, Coaching Centre, a virtual coaching platform that helps individuals and organizations achieve their goals through coaching, training, and development programs. Slaven delves into problem-solving and its relevance to his journey, unveiling the nuances of the coaching landscape and its hurdles. He addresses the paradox between recognizing coaching’s benefits and the scarcity of opportunities for organizational leaders, attributing it to funding challenges. Fuelled by a passion for impactful leadership, Slaven shares his drive to democratize coaching accessibility. 

The conversation navigates through the inevitable integration of technology, the iterative process of refining ideas, and the transformative power of AI in coaching. Slaven’s reflections echo the evolution of his project, the pivotal role of collaboration with developers, and the valuable lesson of thorough communication. He discusses his vision for the future, outlining Coaching Centre’s expansion from Australia to international landscapes while harnessing AI’s potential to reshape coaching dynamics. Tune in for an insightful journey through problem-solving, coaching, and the intersection of technology and leadership.

Topics Covered
  • Empowering leaders through leadership coaching
  • Technology-powered solutions for maximum impact
  • Journey from concept to reality
  • Automating the repetitive process for efficiency gains
  • From simple to robust through iteration
  • Need for clarity and detail when communicating with developers
  • Future Ready: AI-Powered Coaching and Global Expansion
Important Time Stamps
  • Making leadership coaching accessible (0:32 – 1:47)
  • Future-proofing Leadership through technology (2:10 – 4:22)
  • From spreadsheet to innovation: Slaven’s tech journey (4:35 – 6:32)
  • Translating vision into tech as a non-tech founder (8:40 – 9:46)
  • Shaping perfection through iteration (10:05 – 11:49)
  • How developer discussions shape project success (11:51 – 13:10)
  • The power of clarity and detail (15:03 – 17:16)
  • The Development Playbook: lessons in effective tech engagement (17:33 – 20:05)
  • Elevating tech collaboration (22:29 – 26:10)
  • Bridging gaps with tech: AI-powered coaching and global expansion (32:30 – 34:47)

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