DevReady PodcastDemocratising Fashion through Personalization & On Demand Production – EP 109 – DevReady Podcast

In this episode of the DevReady Podcast, our host, Anthony Sapountzis,  is joined by Mira Mikosic, Founder & CEO of Simple Chic. Simple Chic is revolutionizing the fashion industry by offering an on-demand and circular marketplace that empowers women to customize their clothing experiences. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Simple Chic connects customers with independent designers and makers for tailored clothing solutions, including made-to-order pieces, alterations, upcycling, repairs, and recycling.

Mira highlights the urgent need for change within the fashion industry, addressing issues like overproduction, overconsumption, and the environmental impact of synthetic textiles. Simple Chic’s approach focuses on reducing waste, advocating for natural fabrics, and addressing labor exploitation. By shifting toward a customer-centric model, the platform aligns clothing choices with individual needs and life stages, offering a more meaningful and sustainable fashion experience.

The conversation delves into the pitfalls of the profit-driven fashion industry and the rise of fast fashion brands that prioritize sales and cost-cutting over ethical practices. Mira emphasizes the necessity for industry-wide change to counter these trends. She also discusses the adverse effects of excessive consumption driven by design trends and social media influences, leading to a culture of overconsumption. Mira introduces Simple Chic’s circular fashion concept, which emphasizes personalized clothing while also extending the life of garments through repairs and upcycling. The episode underscores the brand’s mission to make fashion simpler, more ethical, and more resonant with individual preferences.

Topics Covered
  • Eco-friendly fashion transformation
  • Breaking down fast-fashion’s pricey profit paradigm
  • Fashion industry and choice overload
  • Sizing standards and styles
  • Fashion with a purpose
  • Tech-driven fashion evolution
  • Customer-designed couture 
  • Need to empower women in fashion
  • Fashion industry’s economics and ethics
Important Time Stamps
  • Empowering Women and the Planet: Simple Chic’s Triple-Fold Solution (0:17 – 3:15)
  • Fashion’s Dark Side: Profit-First Industry Exposed! (3:16 – 5:43)
  • Fashion’s Vicious Cycle of Overconsumption (5:55 – 8:33)
  • Fit or Miss: The Sizing Struggles We Face (9:14 – 10:56)
  • Style on Demand: Mira Mikosic on Simple Chic’s Sustainable Approach (10:57 – 13:14)
  • Fashion x Technology: Shaping Personalized Style with Simple Chic (13:35 – 17:51)
  • Fashion’s New Fit: Mira Mikosic on Revolutionizing Personalization (18:15 – 20:43)
  • Putting Customers in the Designer’s Seat (21:54 – 25:19)
  • Breaking the Mold: Quest for Inclusive Fashion (25:26 – 28:34)
  • Cost of Clothing and Fashion’s Offshore Struggle (28:59 – 30:33)
  • Fashion for All (30:59 – 34:30)
  • From MVP to Masterpiece: Mira’s Evolutionary Tech Tool (34:42 – 38:48) 
  • From Need to Solution: Insights into Fashion Innovation (39:35 – 42:58) 

Mira Mikosic | LinkedIn

Simple Chic | LinkedIn

Simple Chic | Website
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