DevReady PodcastDevReady Podcast E41 – Dealing with Change with Sanne Del

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony sit down and talk to Sanne Del, national operations and quality manager at Six Degrees Recruiting. Sanne Del discusses her daily life as an operations manager and how she uses data analysis to drive her company forward.

One of the most difficult problems in operations and data is dealing with change. Sanne shares how she uses her skills as a people person and as a manager to help her team deal with changes as they are rolled out, whether in company-wide infrastructure or in the small details of user interface. She is dedicated to helping everyone on her team to accomplish their tasks more efficiently and with fewer hiccoughs.

A key takeaway of this episode is that companies really do have the power to drive change with thoughtful data analysis. It’s not as simple as just looking at a bunch of collected data and hoping the solutions will come to you. You need sharp people on your team who can analyze data and provide meaningful insights, whether internally or to a client. And with these kinds of tools in your camp, you should be able to weather any changes your company faces. It’s up to, people in leadership, to guide your team through changes and mitigate loss and fatigue. These are the signs of the best teams in the world.
Topics Covered:

● Digital transformation
● Operations of a recruiting firm.
● Data analysis for operations optimization.
● Integrating with LinkedIn.
● The challenges in migrating to new systems in operation.
● Identifying problems areas and breaking down solutions.
● Change management and dealing with challenges.
● Working with integrated systems.
● Interface as a barrier to user functionality.
● Continuous learning and puzzles in operations management.
● Delivering meaningful data analysis to your team or client.
● Data without insights is useless.

Key Quotes:

❏ “We track internal and applications.” (02:25)
❏ “I make sure the information is clear and where we need it.” (04:45)
❏ “Our focus is on simplifying our systems now.” (07:10)
❏ “It’s really hard to understand what you need to do and how you need to do it.” (10:45)
❏ “Technology is an enabler; it is not a solution.” (14:22)
❏ “There’s no such thing as a perfect plan.” (18:30)
❏ “If you see a change, and it doesn’t stop you from being able to do your work, then just roll with it.” (19:20)
❏ “Things change, but you can still figure it out.” (21:00)
❏ “Sometimes systems just need tweaking so they’ll talk to each other.” (23:20)
❏ “People use only 10% of the functionality of MS Word.” (32:30)
❏ “Automation allows us to find problems more quickly.” (36:40)
❏ “If you’re not working in the technology space, sometimes it’s really lonely.” (44:30)
❏ “[In data analysis] if you don’t go in with a specific goal, it’s really difficult to find.” (46:45)
❏ “90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years.” (48:36)
❏ “Doing it for technology’s sake is the wrong reason.” (51:30)
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