DevReady PodcastDevReady Podcast E42 – Mentorship Network at Ylemer with Islam Abdullah

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony interview Islam Abdullah, CEO and founder of Ylemer—a company that connects entrepreneurs to mentors, which ultimately helps them to grow their community and their business.

Islam talks to the hosts about how technology is a tool but that you need a vision for growth. Oftentimes, we are lacking in direction with regard to that vision. What Ylemer does is set up entrepreneurs with mentors to help them fine tune and adjust their processes for growth. This is rooted in the idea that we need to lean on the experience of others to make the right choices. And the guidance of a deep network of mentors is invaluable.

A key takeaway of this episode is that no one really knows what the next right move is. And a lot of time, that indecision can actually cripple your progress. What Andrew offers is this idea that decisiveness is the true virtue. You would be better to make the wrong choice and learn from it than to idle in indecision for too long. Islam is also aware of this and builds it into the brand at Ylemer. Taking small actions, building the trust of your clients, and leaning on the counsel of those with more experience can help you to make decisions quickly while offering the tools to help analyze and apply those lessons learned.

Topics Covered:

  • Investing in blockchain.
  • C-chat in Windows 98.
  • Cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship.
  • Producing something to be able to attract attention and investment.
  • Empowering entrepreneurship to drive impact.
  • The concept of the “purpose mountain.”
  • Leaning on the experience of others and asking the right questions.
  • Filter out what is not adding value to your path.
  • Little actions make huge differences.

Key Quotes:

  • “We have intelligence and we waste it living paycheck to paycheck.” (7:00)
  • “What is really the vision that you want to do?” (8:30)
  • “Facebook and Twitter changed the way we have conversations.” (12:20)
  • “Everyone has their own story…advice doesn’t across the board.:” (18:45)
  • “Technology allows you to scale and automate.” (22:00)
  • “No process is set in stone.” (24:13)
  • “Purpose doesn’t have to be overly complex.” (29:06)
  • “Businesses have to realize that they are in discovery every single day.” (32:20)
  • “Working with someone to guide you is very important—what is the road ahead?” (38:00)
  • “You have no idea where you will be after you take the next step.” (39:20)
  • “Entrepreneurship is about your mindset and personal growth.” (42:20)
  • “Knowledge is easily obtained, but action is the key.” (47:45)
  • “Make decisions fast.” (52:00)
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