DevReady PodcastFrom Startup to Spotlight: Jemimah Ashleigh on Building Your Brand – EP 142 – DevReady Podcast

In this enlightening episode of the DevReady Podcast, host Anthony Sapountzis sits down with Jemimah Ashleigh, Founder of The Visibility Lab, to delve into the intricacies of personal branding and strategic visibility for entrepreneurs. From navigating social media landscapes to leveraging PR opportunities, Jemimah shares invaluable insights on building and amplifying a strong personal brand in today’s competitive business world. Tune in to gain actionable advice and transformative strategies from a seasoned expert in the field.

Jemimah discusses the importance of having a strategic social media presence that includes not just promotional content but also expert insights, personal engagement, and inspirational posts. She highlights the need for business owners to be clear about the problems they solve and to actively engage in sales activities. Additionally, Jemimah stresses the significance of networking, media appearances, and leveraging awards and speaking opportunities to amplify one’s brand.

Jemimah delves into the importance of thought leadership and personal branding, emphasizing that thought leadership stems from showcasing unique perspectives and expertise. This can be effectively shared through media, awards, and social media. She illustrates the necessity of balancing personal and business brands, using examples like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Jemimah underscores the importance of curating one’s personal brand carefully, as off-the-cuff comments can have lasting negative impacts. She offers practical tips for entrepreneurs to define and promote their personal brand to build a lasting legacy.

The discussion also covers the evolution of personal and business branding for entrepreneurs and how it changes when scaling to corporate levels. Initially, personal and business brands are intertwined, but as businesses grow, they need to be distinguished, especially around the $150,000 revenue mark. Jemimah emphasizes aligning values between personal and business brands and understanding how one wishes to be perceived in a corporate environment. She stresses the necessity of building a strong personal brand, surrounding oneself with smarter individuals, and being consistent and present in activities such as social media and networking. Thought leadership and repeated activities are highlighted as crucial for effective visibility and growth.

Jemimah discusses the role of public relations (PR) in elevating a personal brand, noting that television remains a powerful medium despite the shift towards digital. She advises using platforms like SOS Portal and HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to gain free media coverage and shares her experiences of how consistent media exposure can lead to significant business opportunities and sales. Jemimah concludes by emphasizing the need for a strategic approach to PR, suggesting that businesses target publications and platforms where their ideal clients are already active.

For startups, Jemimah shares insights on building a strong brand from scratch. She emphasizes the importance of clarity in what you want to be known for and developing a consistent message. Jemimah advises new graduates with fresh ideas and industry experts transitioning to startups to follow the same steps: identify ten core things they want to be recognized for, stay focused, and course-correct as needed. She highlights the significance of community impact and strategic visibility, noting that success can be accelerated with the right approach. In the closing segment, Jemimah offers actionable advice, such as the “ten things exercise,” and recommends leveraging platforms like SourceBottle and Collectively to stay updated and engage with media opportunities. She also suggests reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear for personal development, concluding with a strong emphasis on consistency and a clear vision.

Topics Covered
  • Strategic Social Media Presence
  • Personal Branding and Thought Leadership
  • Differentiation of Personal and Business Brands
  • Public Relations (PR) Strategies
  • Building a Strong Brand from Scratch
  • Actionable Advice from Jemimah Ashleigh
Important Time Stamps
  • Visibility Lab’s Jemimah Ashleigh on Turning Social Media into Sales (0:07 – 3:14)
  • Jemimah Ashleigh on Thought Leadership: Stand Out and Be Heard (3:15 – 9:05)
  • Personal vs. Business Branding: Key Tips from Jemimah Ashleigh (9:06 – 18:01) 
  • The Secret to 24/7 Media Exposure Revealed by Jemimah Ashleigh (18:02 – 25:08)
  • Brand Building 101: Jemimah Ashleigh’s Guide for Startups (25:09 – 28:31)
  • The Ten Things Exercise: Boost Your Visibility with Jemimah Ashleigh (28:32 – 29:40)

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