DevReady PodcastHow Thought Leadership is Changing content with Robyn Foyster – Episode 60 – DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony sit down with former editor-in-chief and current content strategy entrepreneur Robyn Foyster to talk all things thought leadership.

Robyn is the founder of InProfile, a thought leadership agency that helps clients curate their online presence through a specialized content strategy. Robyn started InProfile to help individuals tell their story in a compelling way, and she’s been fascinated by thought leadership ever since.

“The whole thing with thought leadership is that you’re leading the conversation, and that’s what thought leaders do—they lead the conversation.” – Robyn Foyster

Throughout their conversation, Robyn talks with Andrew and Anthony about how thought leadership is changing the traditional “hard-sell” dynamics of marketing, why having a strong LinkedIn presence is so important, and the tools you need to create engaging and effective content.

In the current climate of personal brands and 24/7 news, we’re all thought leaders, no matter the size of our audience. Robyn believes having a strategy behind the content you put out into the world is key to attracting followers to your corner of the internet. Content has changed so much in the past 25 years, but as a former journalist and editor-in-chief, Robyn says she still uses that “gut feeling” instinct to guide content strategy and keep followers engaged.

The thing is, we’re all the editors and publishers of our own personal content brands, but just because we have that power, doesn’t mean we know how to wield it—that’s where Robyn and her team come in.

The episode wraps up with the three discussing how much is too much to share when curating your online brand, and the importance of creating consistent content for your audience. In the past, getting on the sofa for a talk show interview was the surest way to get your message out there, now we all have the ability to share our story through personalized social media channels. That power is available to us, but to truly become a thought leader in the online space, we have to create a consistent and engaging content strategy that compels people to stick around to hear what we have to say.

Topics Covered:

  • How thought leadership is changing marketing?
  • How to become a thought leader?
  • The strengths of LinkedIn.
  • Great tools to create valuable content.
  • Become the publisher and editor of your own content.
  • How content has changed in the last 25 years?
  • Personal branding vs business branding.
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