DevReady PodcastThe Power of Voice in Digital Age with Ronsley Vaz – Episode 61 – DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony talk to Ronsley Vaz, founder and Chief Energy Officer at Amplify.

During the conversation, Ronsley describes many of the ways that podcasting has helped his business and improved his own quality of life.

“In business, sometimes there is no ROI for a long time.” – Ronsley Vaz

In the way of business podcasting, Ronsley explains that understanding your market is critical, and it won’t help to send the right message to the wrong audience, so locking in your target is key to business success. This even extends to product launches, which we should use to learn instead of making a profit.

“It hurts the ego to have a failed launch, but you can learn so much and not hurt the bank account,” Ronsley says, speaking to the power of embracing failure.

Ronsley also talks briefly about why he thinks podcasting is intrinsically beneficial. He says that the institutions of education didn’t teach us to raise our voices, so there is some trepidation that comes along with this. But at its core, podcasting is about the power of the human voice—a power that we are evolutionarily predisposed to—and how it can help lift the voices of the unheard and give volume to the silenced. In a way, podcasts help amplify.

Toward the end, Ronsley describes what Amplify actually does, which involves bringing the right podcasts to the right people to amplify them. He hopes everyone interested in podcasting could find out how to use it as a platform to share their stories and build in connection with one another because there’s nothing more rewarding.

Topics Covered:
● The science of creativity.
● The value adds of podcasting.
● How people make use of podcasting within their businesses.
● Reusing content versus intentional volumes.
● Why the Agile methodology works.
● Finding the proper MVP for your business design.
● What we owe to the freedoms of our ancestors
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